2004: St. Lucia

In October of 2004, Tracy and I were married in Hilton Head, SC. Afterwards, we went to St. Lucia for a week of honeymooning. All pics below are shown in approximate chronological order as I took them. All are actual photos from the trips, and the thumbnails lead to "full" size (600 or so pixels max in one direction) versions.

I took these pictures with the following cameras (though at this size it's tough to tell any real difference): Nikon D70, Olympus C-3040Z, Sony DSC-U30.

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St. Lucia, October 24-31, 2004
Arrival, and view from our room.

Oct. 25
At the resort:
Oct. 26
Pigeon Island National Park / Fort Rodney: (and views back to resort)

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